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Risk assessments

We’ve taken the hard work out of risk assessments, giving you essential information, expert advice and a simple guide to completing the paperwork.

Doing a risk assessment of your tour is vital to protecting the health and safety of your group – as well as getting the trip signed off by your senior management. As educational travel experts, we’re always on-hand to offer advice on completing your specific risk assessments and health and safety paperwork. 

Our easy-to-follow Step-by-Step Guide to Risk Assessments takes the hard work out of the task with a simple, methodical approach. You can also use our LEA Independent Assessment Form to show your local authority that you are travelling with a fully accredited specialist that has health and safety covered. Spending less time on paperwork means you can spend more time preparing to make your tour an unforgettable experience.


What do we do?

Travelbound can provide you with information and help to complete your school trip risk assessment. We encourage a positive attitude to health and safety in all of the destinations we travel to, showing our commitment to the high standards we require of our suppliers. Safety checklists are completed for all our accommodation, transport and many of our activities, and all suppliers we work with meet or exceed the assessment requirements of the School Travel Forum (STF). We take risk assessments for school trips, and university and college trips very seriously. For more details about how we assess the risks of the components of your tour, please see our Safety Management System


What do you do?

While we help you as far as we can with the information you need to complete a trip risk assessment, we can’t complete it on your behalf. Every group is different, with potential risks arising from varying factors such as special needs, disabilities, medical ailments, allergies, behavioural issues or the age of students. The group leader has a responsibility under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (which also apply to educational visits) to ensure risks are assessed and appropriate control measures put in place. 

To help you with this process, our Step-by-Step Guide to Risk Assessments breaks it down into seven easy steps:

  • identify the hazards

  • consider who could be affected

  • judge the likelihood of the hazard causing harm

  • assess what the impact would be on the people affected 

  • think of control measures to reduce the risk

  • record your findings

  • review the assessment after you return home


Inspection visits

Travelbound can arrange inspection visits for school and music group leaders in advance of your trip, enabling you to complete risk assessments. We’ll even cover the cost of two nights’ bed and breakfast accommodation, subject to availability.

If you have any questions about risk assessments, please contact us.