Meet The Team

Annabelle Lockhart
International Product Manager
"The great thing about travel is experiencing the varied cuisine. I like to test my culinary skills and, in particular, I love to bake, and I enjoy burning off the cake calories at the gym – everything in moderation!"
Jessica Stone
Account Manager, Middle East
"From South East Asia to Australasia and America, I love to travel and seek out my next adrenaline rush whether it is a skydive or the Ben Nevis Swing in Queenstown, New Zealand. My favourite city would have to be Beirut, Lebanon, as it has such an interesting and diverse history, plus the food is outstanding! "
Kat Snell
International Sales and Sales Administrator
"My favourite city is Kuala Lumpur - it's a diverse international city which is classy, accessible and easy to get around with great food! A highlight from my recent trip was seeing the Malaysian Formula One and getting Lewis Hamilton’s autograph."
Sarah Brosnan
International Tour Co-ordinator
"Part of why I love to travel so much is the opportunity to experience new foods and cuisines from all over the world. Making brave and interesting food choices in different countries is all part of the fun!"