Booking and planning

Promoting your trip

Raise awareness of your trip with great-looking promotional materials that secure support from students, parents and decision-makers.

Once you decide to take a group on tour, there are a few hurdles to clear before you’re all off on your way. You need to sign up the right number of students to make the trip viable and ensure they stay committed, plus get the support of parents and sign-off from senior managers. We’re here to provide you with the promotional tools you need to launch your tour, engage your students and show others the benefits and details of your trip. Using our range of downloadable posters, PowerPoint presentations and sample letters, you can spend less time on paperwork and more time planning your exciting itinerary. Plus, our new Facebook picture-sharing app gets students involved like never before.


Powerful presentations

A professional PowerPoint pitch is an impressive tool to get across the key details of your trip to audiences large and small. Our downloadable sample PowerPoint presentations are easy to tailor with details of your unique tour. Use them to give:

  • a convincing presentation to students or parents 

  • an overview of the tour

  • examples of our accommodation types

  • suggested excursions and sample itineraries

  • an overview of our commitment to your financial and personal safety

Here are some examples of the PowerPoint presentations we can provide: 


Eye-catching, informative posters

Our downloadable sample posters can be adapted to suit your specific tour. Put them in your classroom or lecture theatre to raise awareness of the trip and boost student numbers. You can visit the website product page of the trip you are booking to access downloadable promotional material associated with that trip or please contact us to discuss your specific request.

Here are some examples of the posters we provide: 

Promotional letters that work

We’ve put together some effective sample letters to send to students’ parents to secure their permission. They’re easy to adapt for your specific trip – we’ve done the hard work for you to make planning your trip as easy as possible.

Here is an example of the letters we provide: 


Share the excitement with our Facebook app

Travelbound has launched a secure Facebook app for school groups where students can go online and share pics with their friends. It’s designed to be used with the cameras lent to Travelbound school groups by PhotoVisionUK, but the app can also be used in the run-up to the trip to create excitement and engagement with preview taster images and videos.

Organising a tour is rewarding on so many levels from the expansion of students’ knowledge to the enrichment of world travel and the professional development it adds to your own CV. Take the first step towards being the group leader that opens up the world to their students, and contact us to find out how we can help you promote your trip.