Supporting STEM And CAS

Our educational tours abroad are designed with a holistic approach in mind supporting all-round student development.

Providing significant and thought-provoking excursions along with activities that engage students’ key skills, Party Leaders can be confident our educational tours encompass subject matter and personal development goals.

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CAS experiences with Travelbound

At Travelbound, we recognise that creativity, activity, service (CAS) sits at the centre of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP).

Our Travelbound educational tours extend the opportunities for students to strengthen their learning through a range of CAS experiences. Language, art, science, media, and cultural exploration are accessible through our tours with options available around the globe.

As every educational tour is tailored to the needs of you and your students, you can trust in us providing a bespoke tour that allows you to tick your desired learning outcomes.

Translating goals into targets

We see our educational tours as fundamental to providing students with powerful experiential learning opportunities. In covering the requirements for CAS, we consider the following can be applied to a wide choice of destinations.

  • Creativity – Students will be immersed into different cultures allowing them to expand their perspective of communities, language and traditions.
  • Activity – Working closely with our agents around the world, we can build additional activities into your tour that allow students to recognise the value of physical exertion as they build confidence, teamwork and leadership. Whether it is making the trek up Mount Vesuvius or including a sport, our educational tours can be personalised to your needs.
  • Service – Talk to us about opportunities to work with partner schools and pre-arranged goodwill activities that will not only allow students to make a difference but expand their cultural experience.

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Integrating STEM on your educational tour

Travelbound works across many different curriculums and can tailor your trip to your key learning objectives.

Our educational tours provide the perfect foundations for blended learning with destinations providing an array of cross-curricular opportunities. Students are placed in real-world situations where travel naturally encourages the student to embrace new experiences, engage problem solving skills, and develop their communication skills with their peers and native speakers.

Extending learning opportunities further, Travelbound has been working closely with local partners around the world. The experiences our tailor-made tours provide to groups allow Party Leaders to not only tick the box for integrating the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) but bridge the gap between learning in school and its application outside of education.

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