About us

Responsible travel

We think our destinations are amazing, and we’re committed to taking steps to keep them that way as well as reducing carbon emissions.

Here at Travelbound, we help thousands of students visit inspirational attractions across the world - from St Mark’s Square in Venice to the Grand Canyon. We recognise that this entails a responsibility to respect the environment, economy and culture of our destinations, so that future generations can enjoy them too. We are also committed to educating young people and want to help them to experience travel that is ethical and environmentally sustainable. 

Our Sustainability Plan

Travelbound is part of the Travelopia group of companies, one of the world’s leading leisure travel companies – made up of over 250 well-loved travel brands and operating in 180 countries. Being part of the Travelopia means we are also committed to delivering the company’s vision for sustainability: to make travel experiences special while minimising environmental impact, respecting culture and people, and bringing economic benefits to communities. In order to achieve this, we've set ourselves two goals that we aim to reach by 2015:
  • taking care in destinations – by 2015 we will deliver 10 million ‘greener and fairer’ holidays
  • reducing carbon emissions – by 2015 we will operate Europe’s most fuel-efficient airlines and save more than 20,000 tonnes of carbon from our ground operations 

Silver Award for our French château

We are proud to report that our own property, the Château du Molay in Normandy, has received a Silver Award for its efforts to promote and achieve sustainability, following a full Travelife audit. This initiative introduces hotels to sustainability principles and is part-funded by the EU. The following achievements are among those that helped us secure the award:
  • we reuse internal paper and recycle waste such as plastics and metals
  • we’re planting an ‘Eco Avenue’ in the château's grounds to help off-set our carbon footprint and create environmental awareness
  • we recycle old computers  
  • we use energy saving light bulbs where possible
  • we explain the importance of sustainability to students in our welcome meetings
  • each season we monitor our use of chemicals, bin liners, water, electricity and fuel to identify how we can reduce it next season
  • we use eco-friendly toilet paper
  • we use local suppliers where possible to keep the money in the local economy
If you book a trip with Travelbound, you know you’re going to be travelling with the most sustainable and environmentally aware company in the educational travel industry. 
To find out more about our commitment to responsible travel contact us.