Sarah Brosnan

Sarah Brosnan

After completing university, I enjoyed 3 years of working ski seasons and summer seasons for a childcare company in the French Alps, which has cemented my love for the mountains. When I returned back to the UK, I continued to work in travel and tourism and worked for an online holiday company. Before starting this job I had just returned from backpacking around North East and South East Asia for 5 months, which was the most amazing and unforgettable travel experience. Now I am part of the Travelbound International Team and I love being able to share my passion for travel with others. It is great to be putting together such a variety of interesting and educational itineraries and knowing that students will enjoy a unique and valuable learning experience in varying environments far beyond their classrooms. My travel bucket list is continually growing by the day since starting this job!

Favourite city: It is so difficult to choose just one favourite city, but one of my favourites has to be Budapest. It is a beautiful city with fantastic architecture. I loved the vibrant, quirky atmosphere of the city and could spend countless more days in their many thermal spa baths, which is a fabulous experience.    

About me: When I’m not travelling, planning my next travel trip or daydreaming about my travels, I enjoy anything arts and crafts! I have several different creative projects on the go, which keeps me busy. Another hobby I enjoy is to go to the theatre; I’ve been lucky enough to see many shows over the years and can never get enough of the music and sparkle of any London West End show.  I also love cooking and trying new food! Part of why I love to travel so much is the opportunity to experience new foods and cuisines from all over the world. Making brave and interesting food choices in different countries is all part of the fun! 

Job title: International Tour Co-ordinator

Phone: 01273 265 254

Email address: [email protected]