Leanne Parsons

Leanne Parsons

For as long as I can remember I have always had an interest in travel! Growing up by the seaside I have always loved to spend time by the sea. At the beginning of last year I went to Tenerife to work as a holiday rep. I was lucky enough to experience everything from stargazing up Mt Teide to sailing through pods of whales and dolphins to dramatic theatrical Flamenco shows. Whilst I loved my eight months out there it was time to swap the beautiful sights of the Canary Islands for my little cosy seaside hometown.  Now I am home I like to spend time with my family and friends planning new adventures!  I love my role as Sales Administrator and Tour Coordinator because it gives me the chance to see a trip grow from an initial idea that is researched and planned into an exciting itinerary! This job has certainly increased my bucket list; having never been to America I think this is now top of my list to visit!

Favourite city: For me there is no doubt in my mind when I am asked what my favourite city is. I would answer Madrid a thousand times over. There are endless reasons why I fell in love with Madrid the very first time I visited. For me there is no better feeling than being lost in a place so beautiful; it is definitely a place that ignites your wanderlust with every corner you turn! One thing I love so much about the city is its ability to contrast such ‘olde worlde’ architecture whilst maintaining such a high class fashionable feel! I love the pride of the people who live there.  There is something magical about walking through their famous el Retiro Park, seeing an orchestra in the open air bandstand playing traditional Spanish Music all whilst watching Madrid’s locals dancing along enjoying the atmosphere. I also really love the food in Madrid; the streets are lined with endless traditional tapas bars where of course the dishes taste best with a glass of Sangria!

About me: With multiple trips abroad planned each year, it is safe to say travelling is my favourite hobby. My favourite quote to live by is ‘blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures’. 

Job title: International Sales Administrator and Tour Co-ordinator 

Phone:  01273 265 248

Email address: [email protected]