Making school trips easier

Toolkit is the first digital school trip management system designed to support Group Leaders throughout the planning process. It brings together all the elements needed to organise a school trip in one location, and helps minimise trip administration.

You’ll be able to access everything you need on a secure, shareable web page, and enjoy your next trip as much as your students do!

What does your Toolkit do?

Starting off life as a quote, your Toolkit will grow into an interactive platform where parents can register their child’s details via easy-to-use website forms.

Everything from dietary requirements to passport information can be uploaded, so Group Leader paperwork is reduced.

Your Toolkit also includes a waiting list function for over-subscribed trips, provides parents with a clear picture of what their child will be experiencing, and promotes a better understanding of the value of the educational tour.

Toolkit 400x225

  • Online permission slips.
  • Parents can upload passport details.
  • Upload area for dietary requirements and medical history.
  • Keep track of payment deadlines and participant payments.
  • Display updates for the trip.
  • Secure two-stage verification process.

You can personalise the trip page with photo uploads, as well as any price amends to cover extras your school chooses to include.

Request a quote and see the Toolkit in action!