Sarah Noonan

After a year of travelling extensively around South Africa, South East Asia, Australasia and Central America, I returned to Europe in 2007 and began working within educational travel for a school sports event company. Mixing my passion of team sports and coaching with travel, I have worked across Europe, running school-sports events.

In August 2012, I joined World Challenge and was given an exciting opportunity – setting up a new hub within Asia. I now work to assist Asian international schools enhance their curriculum through global awareness, creativity, action and service programs and to develop students’ life skills through World Challenge ethos of: Challenge, Participation, Environment.

Favourite City: Hanoi, it’s a chaotic buzzing city with so much culture and history. The street food is the best I’ve ever eaten and the people are incredibly welcoming and friendly.

About me: In the same year, whilst backpacking I climbed a glacier in New Zealand and an active volcano in Guatemala, both were breath-taking experiences.

Job title: Asia Regional Sales Director
Skype: sarah.noonan
Phone: +852 9178 8244
Email address: [email protected]